web analitics

It is not enough to have a good strategy if we are not able to interpret the data that it gives us. We can help you if you do not know how to start interpreting the data and to propose a web improvement proposal based on results.

  • Google Analytics Configuration
  • Review of web configuration.

  • Interpretation of data and proposals for improvement

Do not lose your traffic, turn it into customers!

User experience

Why are you losing customers on your website even if your product is good? We study the distribution of your page, its elements and what you communicate so that the user experience is optimal. We can teach you to improve and have satisfied customers, who become recurrent.

  • Detailed study of the situation
  • Detailed report based on analytical data and page layout
  • Proposals to adapt and reach your target audience in a better way.

Capture of leads

There are several tools that will help you capture records (leads) for free or for payment. It depends on the sector of your business, we guide you as to generate potential clients, turn them into clients and build loyalty.

  • Purchase database
  • Through digital marketing strategies

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a methodology that combines non-intrusive marketing techniques in order to contact a user at the beginning of their purchase process and accompany them to the final transaction.

  • Increase qualified marketing contacts (MQL)
  • Increase the records (leads) of a company.
  • Increase visits to the website
  • Increase of the database
  • Reach a wider audience and create a community around the brand.
  • The company generates contents that position it as an expert in its sector.
  • Improve the brand image of the company.

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