Web design

App development

Design and web layout

It is not enough just to fill in text spaces and beautiful images, it is important to work on the structure and its contents to achieve a good positioning.

We create attractive, intuitive and easy-to-manage websites with the right platforms to interact with your consumers.

  • 100% Autonomy for the administrator
  • Adapted to mobile devices (responsive)
  • SEO Friendly: easily indexable by Google
  • Budget adapted to the needs of your company
  • 12 months garanty from installation
  • Possibility of multi-languages
  • Installing Google Analytics

Do not forget that the web is probably the main office that your company has and the first impression that a customer can have.


Do you want to sell in internet?

Electronic commerce has grown considerably in recent years, with an online store you can have your business open 24 hours 365 days a year.

Our objective is based on making the shopping experience perfect in time and simplicity so that the customer repeats and loyalizes.

  • Custom designs and easy to navigate.
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Infinity of functionalities for your store
  • Facilidad de gestión para el administrador
  • Ease of management for the administrator
  • Unlimited combinations of products
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Friendly SEO
  • We will recommend the platform that best suits your business, customizing the projects according to the needs of each client.

Software and programation

We have the experience and knowledge to develop tailored platforms, if you need a management program, hiring or online store adapted to your needs we provide guidance and make your idea in reality.

  • Security and private acess
  • Customized development according to requirements
  • Efficient management of information in real time
  • Promotes and facilitates collaborative work
  • Alert and emergency system

App Development

With a mobile application, your business is within 24 hours. We are developers of custom made applications. Commercial, management, promotional and loyalty applications.

  • Connected to your business 24/7.
  • Mobile integration with ERPs.
  • Catalogs, calendar, promotions and many more features.
  • Increase the efficiency and positioning of your brand.
  • Increase your sales
  • Loyalty your customers.

Do you want to make your own app for your business? APPS78 is a custom development created by TAGS78 so that the user, without any type of programming knowledge, can create their own mobile app using templates and adapting them to their corporate image and at a low cost. (apps78.es)

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